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The mission of OCEAN ENERGY WORLD is to advocate for marine life conservation through fun and unique experiences.  Join us as we venture into the oceans and work side by side with researchers in their quest to help preserve marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Our trips help fund these important research expeditions and often gains us access to preservation habitats and other areas that are only accessible to researchers and those with special access.

OCEAN ENERGY WORLD Experiences are available for guests of all ages and offers a variety of involvement levels.  Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or prefer to support from home, there are once in a lifetime experiences for you to enjoy while also supporting the cause.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Mario Espinoza, PhD



"I am particularly interested in raising awareness and promoting education...  which to me is crucial for changing people’s perceptions and involvement in conservation." -Mario Espinoza

Mario Espinoza is a professor, researcher, and conservationist with various organizations including:

University of Costa Rica- (link)

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation- (link)

MigraMar- (link)

Research and Publications- (link)

Mario works closely with OCEAN ENERGY WORLD and many of our marine experiences are with Mario and his research team